Press Release

Helsinki, September 27, 2012




Ferratum Bank (Malta) Ltd, a subsidiary of Ferratum Group, has been granted the credit institution licence by the Malta Financial Services Authority on 12.09.2012.

The EU banking licence enables Ferratum Bank (Malta) Ltd to carry out business and enter new markets where Ferratum is not present so far.

Lea Liigus, CEO of Ferratum Bank (Malta) Ltd: “This gives us access to new funding sources and enables further business expansion. Both elements contribute significantly to our growth strategy.”

“Expansion has always been a vital part of Ferratum Group. We have rapidly grown over a comparably short period of time of seven years into a truly international company and continue to open up new horizons to this very day. The Bank will serve as the platform for the Group’s international activities.”

A pioneer in the industry, the Ferratum Group was the first in the world to launch internet and mobile microloan services. Since its founding in 2005, it has opened offices in 20 countries with over 220 dedicated employees world-wide, having served over 1.5 million customers.

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