Banking Services

Mobile Banking

Term Deposit

We offer Term Deposit for three, six or twelve months with competitive interest rates.


The Ferratum Current Account is easy to open. It’s mobile, 100% online, secure, and FREE – always, anywhere.

Multi-currency Debit Card

One card for all your Current Accounts – a Ferratum card lets you pay in your chosen currency. This contactless card operates in association with Master Card and is welcomed by retailers across the world.

Real Time Transactions

Our real-time transactions enable quick and easy payments anywhere in the EU. Transactions to other banks typically take between 1-3 working days.

Get your bank on the go

Most banks follow the same old formula: branches, accounts, loans and fees. We see banking differently. No branches, no appointments and no hanging around.

With us it's about providing an intuitive user experience, whether it be online banking or innovative mobile apps. We give you complete control of your money.

Isn't that how modern banking should be?

One Europe - one account

It's an account without borders. It's the ability to transfer currencies across Europe. It's your travelling bank with access to multiple currencies and no costly exchange rates.

Current Account

The Ferratum Current Account is free of charge. It’s secure, mobile, and always available - whenever and wherever it is needed. The account offers all the features you’d expect from a bank account. You can make deposits and withdrawals, pay bills, set up standing orders and direct debits, and transfer money across Europe.

Ferratum current accounts are multi-currency, so you don't have to worry about exchange rates when you travel.

Ferratum Instant Payment

Ferratum Instant Payment is our revolutionary online payment tool available to all account holders. Ferratum Instant Payment lets you transfer money all over the world in real-time, at little or no cost.

Traditional Payments

If you’re transferring money to non-Ferratum bank accounts, we offer a wide range of traditional payment options. Ferratum Bank offers competitive transaction charges for payments to non-Ferratum bank accounts.

Contactless Debit Card

Once your Ferratum current account is set up we’ll send you a Ferratum MasterCard debit card linked to the account.

You can use the card globally to withdraw cash from ATMs, and pay for goods in-store and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Your card also includes PayPass contactless payment facilities, so you can pay for everyday essentials or even pay for your travel with just a tap of your card.

Savings Account

Watch your money grow with the Ferratum Savings Account. You’ll get a great interest rate on your savings, and access to your funds within 14 days’ notice.