Who we are

Introduction to our business

Ferratum is all about people and being at the forefront of the mobile revolution in banking. We offer customers a fast, easy to use highway to mobile lending and banking services.

Our Strategy

Focusing on organic growth, further geographic expansion and additional product portfolio development we are committed to our vision of creating a leading mobile bank.

Our Vision

Based on the granting of the EU banking licence our vision is to become a leading international mobile bank offering a wider range of products. The banking sector is undergoing a profound upheaval, which opens up huge market opportunities. As a pioneer for mobile consumer loans in Europe, we are well positioned in this upbeat environment. Our aim is to be at the forefront of the mobile revolution in banking. Our main focus is on simple mobile solutions that satisfy the expectations of customers today – with Ferratum Group, the smartphone becomes a mobile bank.

Our Mission - ‘More than money to everyone.’

Our mission is to provide the best consumer interface for lending and banking processes and 24/7 personal customer service accessible through mobile devices, the internet or our partners. Such a mission statement can only be accomplished through simple and hassle-free product applications, fast and transparent loan processes, providing confidential transactions and keeping our customers' data safe while providing consumer financing with fixed and transparent costs.

Our Values

  • Professionalism, innovation, profitability and clear ethics are our core values.
  • Professionalism means continuous learning, a clear operations model and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Innovation means encouraging new ideas, supporting trial and errors and focusing on scalable solutions to ensure continued competitiveness.
  • Profitability is the result of speed, flexibility and growth. Ferratum has reached a sustainable profitability since its foundation in 2005 and we are committed to maintain our solid performance.
  • Ethics is a focus on how we treat other people, especially our customers. Ethics are about what we consider right and what we require of ourselves and our counterparts. We take personal responsibility for our customers and stakeholders in making decisions and are committed to openness and transparency in all dealings. We believe ethical principles are important to create trust and loyalty among our customers and employees.