Using Our Experience

Sustainably profitable business development

Growth with a sense of proportion – this is the core of what we call the “Jorma Principle”. Over the last ten years, our Group has grown steadily in terms of revenues and has been profitable since the foundation in 2005. We have achieved this by continuously expanding our geographic reach, as well as our customer and user base. Within the scope of our expansion in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico, we have refined our product portfolio and increased our operational efficiency in terms of new market entries. We have developed and optimised our loan approval technology and improved our legal and regulatory compliance processes.

Operating in many different legal environments requires localised skills, such as an understanding of the local regulatory regime, adaptability with regard to regulatory changes, as well as a scalable IT and business system. Our EU banking licence, the established Big Data technology, combined with our extensive knowledge and the experience we are accumulating, are factors that make a significant contribution to strengthen our market position and writing a history of profitable growth.