We commenced business operations in Helsinki, Finland in 2005 and have since then steadily grown in terms of revenue by continuously expanding our geographic presence and customer base. As a result of our geographic expansion in Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, we have tested and refined our product portfolio and increased our operational efficiency.

Ferratum Milestones


Launch of operations in Finland.


Expansion to the Swedish and Estonian markets.


Customers with registered accounts reached 100 000 individual customers.

2007 – 2010

Expansion to new European markets: Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Denmark, and Bulgaria.


Customers with registered accounts reached 500,000 individual customers.


Expansion UK, Belgium, Croatia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Since 2011

We have issued seven Polish bonds with total net proceeds exceeding €15 million to finance our growth.


Expansion to Russia where we started our microloan products.


Our customers with registered accounts continued to grow to one million.

2012 September

The Malta Financial Services Authority approved our application for an EU Credit Institution license.

2013 March

We started cross-border operations through our EU Credit Institution license in Slovakia

2013 October

We issued a €25 million bond in Germany.


We expanded to two new markets, Germany and Romania.

2014 March

Our customers with registered accounts reached 2 million.


Ferratum expanded to Canada, France and Norway.

2015 February

Ferratum successfully completed its Initial Public Offering with the initial listing of its shares in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Based on an issue price of EUR 17 per share, the total gross proceeds from the IPO amounted to EUR 110.8 million.

2015 May

We launched a new product, Ferratum Business

2015 June

Ferratum Oyj was listed on the SDAX index

2015 July

Ferratum Bank Plc placed a bond with a total volume of EUR 20 million


Ferratum plans to acquire FBC Firmen-Credit Bank GmbH and receives Group Rating BBB from Creditreform.