Corporate Responsibility

Our business strategy is focused on creating sustainable product offerings and long-term planning. That is why corporate responsibility has been a strong focus area of our business since Ferratum launched operations in Finland in 2005.

Responsibility to our customers

  • Our business is about helping people in their every day finances. The Ferratum customer portfolio is diverse and over 40 per cent have children or other dependants. By lending short-term loans to individuals quickly and confidentially we believe we have helped many customers in meeting liquidity challenges affecting their daily lives. We strive to adhere to marketing practices which are transparent and responsible and aim that the information we provide regarding the cost of our consumer loan products are always transparent and accurate.
  • Approving loans to customers is based on sophisticated scoring models we have created over a number of years, which take the ethical standards we have imposed on our business into account. Our loan approval process is very quick in assessing customers' ability to repay approved loans, but takes into account many factors in order to ensure loans are granted based on a sound reasoning. We also provide free online programmes to educate consumers in their personal and household economics.

Developing personnel

Ferratum Group is an international, multicultural and multilingual organisation.

Personal growth is strongly supported and there are many versatile opportunities for career development. We recruit talented and enthusiastic people committed to their goals and who have the desire for results.

In the international Ferratum community we value:

  • Internationality and an open mind-set toward different nationalities, backgrounds, language or skills.
  • Adjustability in work and flexible working hours!
  • Teleworking, which is efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Using tools that enable mobile working.
  • Physical exercise, culture and healthy lifestyle.

We comply with the EU’s general framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation. Council Directive: 2000/78/EC.

Social Responsibility

We are all part of a global society. Ferratum is therefore committed to doing its share in creating a sustainable future. As a mobile consumer lending provider, we believe that Ferratum can generate value to our customers, partners, shareholders and investors – but we also believe in benefitting the communities in which we operate by providing employment opportunities. Our social responsibility also means openness and transparency in all dealings. We aim to create trust among our customers, employees and stakeholders.

We have our roots in Finland and we are very proud of our heritage starting out as a business in a Nordic country. According to Transparency International, Finland has been among the three least corrupted countries for years. We are committed to apply Finnish values in all the countries we operate. This is why we strongly believe in our self-imposed ethical principles and will act accordingly.